Ways To Commit Medicaid Fraud

Jessica knew that she had a family of four, which included herself and three children. When Jessica went to sign up for Medicaid, she claimed that she actually had four children, and she claimed that she had no income at all. Based on the information she gave, Jessica was able to get Medicaid, but she only signed up for her three children to get Medicaid. After using Medicaid for about a year, an investigation was conducted, and it was found that Jessica had lied on her application. Not only did Jessica only have three children, but she also was employed.

When You’re Charged With Fraud

Jessica lied about the amount of children she had and about her income, so she was charged with Medicaid fraud. Unfortunately, cases like this happen all the time. People make bad choices, and they choose to put false information on their Medicaid applications. Once false information is given to Medicaid, this information can be used against you, and you can be prosecuted.

Hire An Attorney Now

Prosecution of Medicaid fraud charges can put you in jail for years, you can lose your coverage, and you can be fined heavily. Anyone being charged with Medicaid fraud should seek the advice of an attorney. Having an attorney on your side can help to save you from some of the harsh penalties that can be levied against you. Penalties can include many years in jail, extremely harsh fines as well as other penalties. Do not take the chance to fight against Medicaid fraud charges on your own. Make sure to hire an attorney as soon as possible. For more details click on medicaid fraud lawyer.