Request to Speak with a Medicaid Fraud Attorney When Being Investigated

What should you do when you are accused of Medicaid fraud? By the time you are accused of Medicaid fraud, you have been officially charged with a crime. The district attorney feels there is enough evidence to prosecute so you are charged. At this point, hiring an attorney is most definitely recommended. Unfortunately, by this point, things may have become far worse than they could have been. The time to contact a medicaid fraud lawyer is when the investigation begins.

Due Process, Investigations, and Contacting an Attorney

If you are suspected of Medicaid fraud, the authorities are not just going to show up at your door one day and whisk you off to court. An investigation is going to commence to determine whether or not a crime may have been committed. The key word here is "may" because you could be innocent of all charges, but still be charged. Now, you must prove your innocence in court. As the law states, what you say can and will be held against you. This is why it is necessary not to say anything to investigators until you have spoken to a lawyer.

Do not think you are in the wrong for stating you wish to talk to an attorney before complying with any investigation. Doing so is well within your rights and, surely, strongly within your best interests. You do not want to mistakenly say something that could lead to your being charged with a crime. Instead, call an experienced attorney and request help and counsel.